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Kat Loveland
2 min readJul 23, 2022


Come investigate all my various writings, I am not a niched writer so hold onto your hats.

To Start: I hate how liberal voters refuse to focus on the positive so I have a whole publication about — Dems Kicking Ass — I am incredibly tired of people saying Dems don’t do shit and we need to vote them all out. You’re wrong and there are plenty of sourced and citied blog posts in here to explain why you’re wrong. These articles talk about bills passed, track progress being made etc. Dive in and share them around.

I also write political articles. In here you will find articles that deal with overarching politics, not just Dem progress.

I also write Music Inspired Flash Fictions I always seem to see stories in my head when listening to music and I like practicing shorter form writing. Enjoy!

Looking for new writers to check out? I have a few in my Spotlight on Indie Author Series. Explore books from all genres, some you may never have even heard of before :) Go, try something new! You may like it!

My book series Honor Bound is on Amazon: You can check the first 5 chapters of Book one in my publication, for free! You can also see why you should buy it ;) I am that confident you will love it.

I am starting a webnovel/ongoing scif-esque series about a high end consort who’s also an assassin. It’s a little bit steamy, a little bit stabby and features some fun, chaotic good/Hondo from Clone Wars/Inara/Mal from Firefly vibe characters. It’s called Sex or Death.

I occasionally review movies, if you want to peruse non negative reviews (I hate dissing on other people’s creativity, click here!

And if you’re looking for shows that have Well Written Women (some of the shows are older but they’re still amazing) click here.

I muse about Introversion-ish things here.

And I also have a “Junk Drawer” of random articles that didn’t fit in any other publication. Dive in and have an adventure lol.



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